Principal's message

Hello George J. Peters Community,

Welcome to the George J. Peters community of learners!

Students should plan to arrive at George J. Peters at 8:10 AM, which is the time that supervision begins (not earlier) and doors are opened. Arriving at that time gives your child the opportunity to have breakfast at school and to get organized in the classroom. Students must be in their classrooms, ready to learn, by 8:25 AM. The formal school day begins at 8:25 AM and ends at 2:40 PM.

Please be sure that all outerwear – jackets, hats, gloves etc. are labeled with your child’s name on the label. This is helpful to us if items become lost in the school or on the bus.

Any person picking up a student should be ready to present an ID to the classroom teacher before your child is released.  At any time throughout the school year, if your child’s normal dismissal changes please notify the school in writing and make sure any new responsible adults are prepared to present ID.  Any person picking up a child must be listed in the child’s Emergency Contacts page. For safety purposes no cars are allowed in the front of the school - it is a Bus Only Lane. All visitors must report to the main office.

Please be sure to communicate with your child that school is a priority. Any absence can impact a child’s academic achievement. Teacher interactions and peer collaborative learning experiences are important factors in your child’s day at school. It is also helpful to maintain daily homework routines, as well as morning routines after your child wakes up each morning. These factors can impact a more positive school experience! Organization and routines are also in place as your child starts the day in the classroom, so please be sure your child arrives to school on time.

 I look forward to serving the George J. Peters community as both a proactive and active school leader in order that the teaching and learning at Peters meet the diverse needs of all students through the implementation of learning through a growth mindset. It is vital that schools and families work together to support every child through the learning processes.  All members of the Peters staff school community look forward to a successful and productive school year!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Janet Antonelli


George J. Peters Elementary School